Sisters of the Wyoming Mountains: Book I


    Two strong-willed sisters ... barely holding on to their dreams despite suffering unimaginable hardships are now pulling their sick father in a Mormon handcart ever higher into Utah's wild and dangerous Wasatch Mountains.

    Rebecca ... beauty is her curse but also her promise. A healer, she will soon learn that a gifted frontier medicine woman is scorned by the all-male medical profession.

    Katie ... every bit as strong and defiant as her older sister and determined never to put her fate in the hands of any man, but instead to build a sheep ranching empire in Wyoming's magnificent Wind River Country.

    Amos ... a Mormon leader whose hunger for power is eclipsed only by his lust for Rebecca. He vows to make her his fifth and most prized wife.

    Bryce ... handsome, dangerous and a man who has lost his first love to a ruthless polygamist and vows deadly revenge ... until he meets Rebecca.

    Captain Devlin Woodson II ... a brilliant, dashing but tortured Army doctor whose Civil War battlefield decision cost sixty-three lives, and whose only purpose for living is to save soldiers at the lonely frontier outpost called Fort Bridger.

    Washaki ... greatest of the Shoshone chiefs, a man too wise to let his people die needlessly ... he will win them the great Wind River Reservation ... and keep it forever for his people.

    Intertwined with the epic building of the Transcontinental Railroad and the true story of the courageous Wyoming women who fought for woman's suffrage and first won the right to vote, SISTERS of the WYOMING MOUNTAINS, Book I and its exciting sequel, SISTERS of the WYOMING PLAINS, Book II are never to be forgotten sagas

Gary McCarthy





Sisters of the Wyoming Plains: Book I


    Rebecca ... willing to fight charges of bigamy in a Salt Lake City courtroom and face the polygamist who forcibly took her as his wife. All she ever wanted was to be valued for her independence and to become a real doctor. But to achieve that dream, she must struggle to find her place in her husband's world of powerful and rich Washington D.C. doctors and politicians ... and to avoid being another beautiful and bored high-society wife. While overcoming an eastern medical community's ridicule and prejudice, Rebecca will find a way back to Wyoming ... with or without her aristocratic husband.

    Yancy Dover ... a tall, tough Texas cattleman haunted by the tragic loss of his wife and child, he intends to build a cattle ranching empire in the Wind River country and claim a strong and beautiful wife ... even if she happens to be married.

    Katie ... spurned by the only man she has ever loved, but blessed with his child, she is determined to become the most powerful sheep rancher in Wyoming ... and cattlemen such as Yancy Dover be damned!

    John Betterman ... rich and hopelessly bored with being a railroad baron, he finds peace in the beauty of Yellowstone and the first challenge of his young lifetime on the high, grassy plains of Wyoming while pledging to make Katie rich beyond her wildest dreams.

    Devlin Woodson ... he has won Rebecca's hand in marriage and fought for her right to throw off the yoke of polygamy, but can he ever be content with being a cattleman while giving up his calling as a gifted surgeon?

    Filled with bold, lusty and determined characters, SISTERS OF THE WYOMING PLAINS, BOOK II is the sequel to SISTERS OF THE WYOMING MOUNTAINS, BOOK I and completes this epic saga.


Gary McCarthy