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Gary McCarthy's National Park Novels


    America's National Parks are among our most valued treasures. The preservation of pristine scenic and wilderness pieces of America by visionaries such as John Muir and President Theodore Roosevelt is a national blessing for this and all future generations. And what an incredibly diverse world our National Parks offer us from the rugged coasts of Maine to the quiet beauty of the Great Smoky Mountains on to nearly magical places like the Rocky Mountains, Yosemite, Grand Canyon and Yellowstone . . . each a stunning jewel, all breathtaking in their natural grandeur.


    As magnificent as these scenic wonders may be, almost as interesting is their human history. Who were the ancient Anasazi or Ancestral Puebloans who left their breathtaking cliff dwellings and writings on stone walls whose meanings remain a great mystery. And isn't it fascinating to think about the first who lived, loved and struggled to survive in bountiful Yellowstone and the hostile depths of the Grand Canyon? Certainly their worlds were as meaningful to them as ours are today. Did you know that the gentle Ahwahneeche were not even discovered until after the California Gold Rush? And where did they all go so that the last of their people could survive?


    As a novelist and a dedicated researcher, Gary McCarthy chooses to focus on the human history of our National Parks rather than the flora, fauna and geology. He is most interested in the stories of those who came many years ago and of their hopes, dreams and disappointments in these wild, often inhospitable places and how they interacted with our Native Americans.


    The history of our National Parks is filled with great adventurers, pioneers, visionaries and conservationalists. Anyone who has visited these places cannot help but think not only of how beautiful they are and how it is our sacred duty as Americans to preserve their open space, wildlife, silence and magnificence so that those who follow will be as renewed as we are when we enter these natural wonders.


    The intent of these National Park novels is two-fold . . . to entertain and to educate . . . so that the reader of Yosemite Thunder or Mesa Verde Thunder will want to visit these special places and learn about the ones who came before and who saved them for posterity. At the back of each novel, you will find an Author's Note where Gary tells his readers who is real and what really happened and what is a pure figment of his writer's imagination.


Gary McCarthy has sold over three million novels during his long and distinguished writing career and the National Park Series of novels are among his best. That said, anyone who loves animals and a good heart-warming story no matter what their age is going to love MADDIE O'BRIEN'S CHRISTMAS DONKEYS.