Grand Canyon


THE MIGHTY COLORADO RIVER . . . as wild and unpredictable as its thundering rapids . . . as relentless as its first daring explorers.

THE 1869 POWELL EXPEDITION . . . deep in a chasm of roaring water and soaring stone and at a deadly stretch of river now named Separation Rapids, three desperate men abandoned the expedition after months of unspeakable hardships and near starvation. But only one of the three could survive high up on the wild, uncharted North Rim.

WILLIAM DUNN . . . a mountain man forever haunted by guilt and driven by the love of extraordinary women will cast his fate across the vast and magnificent Grand Canyon of the Colorado in an epic tale of undying courage. This is a story of fearless river adventurers, brave and beautiful women and the early Mormon pioneers all of whose lives are interwoven with the Navaho, Hopi and the Havasupai . . . "The People of the Blue Green Water."


    —From an Interview with Gary McCarthy

    "...nothing much had ever happened in the Grand Canyon. Sure, there were ancient peoples, a few miners and most importantly the Havasupai, but the Canyon's size and geography prevented ranching, not much in the way of mining (thank heavens) and little else," McCarthy said. "So I started writing about the first Spaniards to see the Canyon in 1540 with the Coronado Expedition and how they sent three poor soldiers down to get water. After that, I jumped all the way in time to 1869 and the Powell Expedition. Major Powell wrote vivid and extensive accounts on the harrowing journey that were a huge help to me; when the party finally arrived at Separation Rapids, I became very interested in William Dunn, the most experienced and least-known of the three men who deserted the party at Separation Rapids never to be seen again. I thought, what if Dunn, at least, survived? Maybe I could create a really fine historical novel around that mystery man. And so I did. I had a marvelous time with William Dunn, and gave him a very long and exciting life in my Grand Canyon (Thunder)."

—from the Williams-Grand Canyon News, Williams, AZ