Bruin Henrys Redemption


Bruin Henryʼs Redemption


      After many years of lonely prospecting in Arizona's Superstition Mountains with his onery mule, Maggot, Bruin Henry finally discovers a rich vein of pure gold. Filled with the heartfelt intention to use his newfound fortune for redemption after a life of wild and sinful living, Bruin Henry rushes off to Prescott to file his claim.

      But in Arizonaʼs territorial capitol, he discovers that his long-lost daughter is dying and that he has a spirited fourteen-year-old granddaughter, Ophelia. Wanted posters offering reward money claim that Bruin Henry is a murdering stagecoach robber whose last job resulted in a cold-blooded murder of innocent passengers. Only Bruin knows that it wasnʼt him who did the killing, but instead Ophelia's father.

     If Bruin Henry honors his daughter's dying wish to find and re-unite Link Cochran and Ophelia, he is almost certain to die at the killerʼs hand. But how can he refuse his daughterʼs deathbed wish and his very last chance for redemption?